Another postpartum surprise

After having a baby, everyone tells you that your body is going to go through some crazy stuff.  Some is temporary, some permanent, all of it hard.  Not the worst, but one of the most annoying things for me was the head hair loss.  The shedding of the thick hair you grow during pregnancy is NO JOKE! I was in a meeting a few months ago and I swear I saw my fallen out hair all over the sweater of the person across the table from me.  Oh the shame!
But now there is something new that I was not prepared for… and it comes in the form of baby hairs that are starting to grow back!   Apparently my hair loss was at the crown of my head which means I now resemble my fifth grade grade self who let her BFF cut her a pair of rockin’ bangs.  Because she obviously knew what she was doing.  #Truestory.
What do I do with these????
As if no sleep and poor postpartum bladder control just wasn’t enough…