How to Nail Clippers for Babies

Manicures and pedicures are a daily routine for everyone to keep themselves clean. However, whether or not to nail nails for babies is still a question of many young mothers.

Should nail clippers regularly for the baby! However, to ensure the safety of children, they need to spend time to learn when to cut nails or how to handle when accidentally cutting the skin causing bleeding for the baby.

Why should an infant’s nail be cut?

Children ‘s nails and toenails are not as hard and pointed as adults but quite sharp. If your baby touches, hooks, scratches on himself, it will easily hurt the skin, eyes, mucous membranes of the mouth … Especially, if children do not properly clean their hands and feet, bacteria will be able to invade and impair the health of little.

Baby’s nails grow very fast, mothers may need to cut them a few times a week. With toenails is longer because this part of the long nail is quite slow.

Nail clippers for babies

Because babies are young, limbs are fragile, so parents need to be careful, gentle when cutting nails. Particular attention should be paid to the following:

Nail posture for babies

This is a very important factor to ensure your baby’s safety. The mother performs the nail clippers posture for the baby as follows:

  • Mother sits, placing the baby on her back on her lap. If your baby knows how to sit, then mom will sit across from you, talk to her to have fun while having her manicure.
  • The mothers right-hand holds the nail clipper, while the left-hand holds a baby’s hand. Hold the baby’s hand tightly so that his fingernails and fingers are left for easy cutting. Please “watch” when the baby is not moving to cut the mother, stirring very easily cut into the flesh of your fingers.
  • In the process of cutting the baby’s nails, the mother should pull the baby’s legs against the breast to limit the baby to kick. Besides, she keeps her clipped hand away from the baby’s face to prevent nails from falling into her child’s face.

Gentle manicure

Mothers note the direction of nail clippers for babies along the curve of the nail. Then you file it gently to file rough, sharp edges.

For babies in the first few weeks after birth, the nails are very soft now. Young parents often easily mistakenly cut into the baby’s skin, so it is better to use a file to make her nails neat.

When to cut nails for babies

The best time for the mother to nail the nail is when the baby sleeps or distracts while eating because this time the baby will not or less stirring so minimize cutting tools to hurt the baby’s skin.

Also, another ideal time is after bathing because at this time the baby’s nails are soft, easier to cut.

The frequency of nail clippers depends on the age of the baby. For children younger than 6 months old, their nails grow fast, mothers should trim their nails 1-2 times/week.

Particularly for the two thumbs, the time can stretch longer with the remaining fingers. For children younger than 6 months, mothers only need to cut their nails 1-2 times/month.

Notes when cutting nails for babies

  • Mothers should choose a place with enough light to trim their nails and feet. A room that is too dark will easily mistake the meat.
  • Do not cut your nails, baby feet too short, close to the nail, revealing the flesh under the nail, causing pain and discomfort
  • When cutting, please press the software of the tip of the finger down so that the nail is exposed outside when cutting it easier and safer

If you are cutting nails when your child is awake, create comfort for them. Mother can sing to her baby, tell stories, whisper to her. Your baby will be very docile and still lie down so she can nail her.

Some mothers use their teeth to bite their baby’s nails as they grow longer but according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), this can cause damage, even infections on the scalp. Because germs from the mother’s mouth will enter any small scratches on the baby’s fingers. The mother also will not be able to observe what she is doing because her baby’s fingers are very small compared to her teeth.

The best method is to invest in separate scissors or nail clippers of a size that fits your child’s tiny hands and feet.

How to handle when the mother accidentally cuts her hand

If you accidentally bleed the nail when the nail clippers, crying baby, the mother should not panic. Mom please calm down and handle this case. Very simple, the mother used the medical equipment at home to aseptic and hemostasis for the child.

The mother does this by applying sterile gauze on the wound until the bleeding stops, then applying a little antibiotic cream.

Mother, remember not to bandage into this small wound because it will give children unnecessary discomfort. Even in times when not paying attention, the child may suck on the bandage, bacteria easily penetrate the child’s body.

Note, of course, the mother should not put the bleeding finger of the child in her mouth to stop the bleeding. This is a mistake many moms make without knowing this can cause babies to become infected.

To better care for newborns, mothers also need to have first aid kits full of sterile or hemostatic products for babies. All must be recommended to be non-toxic and usable by children.

Manicuring is a very small thing for adults, but when cutting nails for babies, mothers need to be very careful and thorough to avoid negative effects on the baby’s health. I wish you will complete the small but not easy task!