Sorry, Not Sorry

Today I’m having one of those rock on mom days and I’ve decided that I’m going to stop apologizing for “momming” my way. Because you know what?  What I’m doing seems to be working. My kids are happy and healthy, and it’s too damn exhausting trying to follow all the rules.

So sorry, but I’m not sorry…

For letting my kids veg out in front of the TV so I can cook dinner.
For calling it dinner, when it’s really microwave mac n’ cheese.
For pretending that the mac n cheese is for my kids, when really it’s all I’ve been thinking about since 3pm.

Sorry, not sorry for bribing my kids.
For buying them pieces of sh*t toys at Target so we can leave without a meltdown.
For offering fruit snacks as a way to get them to leave the playground.
For believing that fruit snacks are kinda like fruit.

Sorry, not sorry for wanting alone time.
For dreaming of a few days away where no one will talk to me.
For wanting to go to the movies by myself so I can watch something trashy with no judgement.
For sending my kids to daycare when I have a day off from work, so I can wander around the mall and buy things that are not in size “T”.

Sorry, not sorry for sleep training.
For letting my kids cry it out sometimes.
For not allowing my kids in our bed at night, as much as I yearn to snuggle them.
For those 5 minutes at 5am when I turn off the baby monitor and hit snooze,  even though my one year old is up and ready to party.

Sorry, not sorry for loving my job.
For sometimes being excited when Monday comes around so I can engage the other parts of my brain that I seem to lose over the weekend.
​For walking out of the office at 4pm and not looking back, because it’s MOM time and I miss my kids.

Sorry, not sorry for sometimes swearing.
For listening to questionable music when my family is in the car.
For letting my kids eat food that has fallen on the floor.
For allowing our dog to lick their sweet faces.

Sorry not sorry for posting way too many pictures of my children on Facebook because they are the cutest F-ing people on the planet (in my opinion).

So moms, how about we all stop saying sorry. Because let’s face it, at the end of the day the other moms are probably too freaking tired to really care what you’re doing anyway.