What Do I Need to Travel with a Baby

What are some of the things that families with young children need to prepare before they travel? This is always the concern of many parents. The following is a complete list and notes when parents want to let their children travel
When you have children, traveling is not as easy as it used to be. At this point, you need to consider many things before starting your journey. Before mentioning the problem of preparing your child, you need to think carefully before the following factors:

Choose the right time

Usually, when children are too young under 2 years old, parents should limit too much movement in a short time. These trips require a lot of energy and require outdoors as much as exploring, climbing, exploring … This seems not suitable for parents if they want to take their children with them.
If you want to take your children to play, you should choose a resort where your child has plenty of space to play and interact with nature. Be sure to check with hotel staff in advance for having children along so that they will be best prepared for your family such as stacking in a room, setting up a children’s dining table.

Study the weather carefully

It is sad if traveling on rainy days can only sit in the hotel all day. However, when traveling with young children you need to pay more attention to the weather because children are quite sensitive to the sudden change of weather. Weather can sometimes be a cause of illness, fatigue, or crying during a trip.
You should choose the right time and weather to decide for your child to travel
The necessary supplies for the trip
After considering the above 2 factors, parents need to carefully prepare furniture to take away for the baby. These are suggestions to prepare the mother’s clothes that are not missing, forgotten, or missed offline!

What Do I Need to Travel with a Baby

Stroller for travel

The stroller is one of the useful tools to help mothers in caring for their children with a lot of functions as well as rich prices and models. To help your baby explore the world around you, you can’t carry him from one place to another, a dedicated travel stroller is a great and safe choice for families with young children. If your family has twins or 2 babies, a double stroller for the trip will be the most reasonable. You and your baby can go for a walk early in the morning or in the evening, which is a great solution. For more details on the features of these travel trolleys, you can visit New Mom Plus for more details.


Depending on the weather to bring clothes accordingly. You need to bring a blouse and skirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a thin coat in case of air conditioning or outside in the sun to cover. In addition, pants, shorts, socks, sun hats, swimwear, some bucket towels to clean or wear your baby, big towels, shoes, sandals. Depending on the number of days your family travels, consider the amount of each type of clothing you need to bring with you when you go.

Should arrange baby furniture before putting in a suitcase

When packing, you should divide into 2 bags, 1 handbag to replace baby when needed, 1 bag in a suitcase. In particular, handbags need coats, blazers, shirts, pants, socks, hats, buckets, sandals.


If the baby has eaten rice, the furniture will be simpler but when the child is still eating porridge, she should pay attention because the furniture will be much more.

  • Instant porridge: You should prepare a few ready-made porridges for babies to use when mixed with hot water. You should bring about 6-7 packs. Although children can eat broken rice or soup, they should still prepare porridge to prevent.
  • Formula and fresh milk: You should bring 1 box of formula and 2-3 small boxes of fresh milk (depending on the milk needs of the child or mother can buy later)
  • Some other items such as water bottles, milk bottles, waffles, bowls, spoons, a small thermos of hot water, scum, milk.

For convenience, you should prepare a small handbag which includes: fresh milk box or formula bottle, instant porridge, snack cake, whey box, bowl, spoon.


You should prepare a number of medicines in case your child shows signs of abnormal health during the trip. Medicines include anal suppositories and oral medications, digestive enzymes, rehydration pills, mosquito repellent, insect repellent, insect repellent cream, cough syrup, eye drops, and nasal drops.


  • Baby shampoo
  • Personal documents such as passport, birth certificate, air ticket.
  • Bim, paper towels
  • Favorite children’s toys

Family travel is an interesting and important opportunity to develop a child’s vision of the world and gain experience so parents need to be well prepared for that trip, especially for Families with young children