When Can I Take My Newborn out in Public

According to experts, parents can hold babies out when the baby is 2 months. However, to ensure safety, you need to cover children carefully and avoid going to crowded places.

According to popular belief, a mother and a newborn baby should stay at home for a few months to avoid getting infected. But medically, taking a baby out for a walk won’t cause much impact as long as you avoid going to a crowded place and cover your baby carefully. So when your baby goes out, what to note? I will help you answer this question through the following sharing.

How many months can an infant be outdoors?

Are you looking to hold your baby out to play but heard many people advised against because the baby is immature, will be susceptible to infection? But is this true?

According to medical experts, you can still let your newborn go out as long as you pay close attention or unless your doctor tells you to leave your baby at home. This often happens in premature babies or babies who have problems with the immune system. Most of the time you can let your baby out is when the baby is already solid, about 2 months old (or 6 months or older).

The note when the newborn out

The first time you put your baby out to play can be confusing. To avoid this situation as well as ensure the health of your baby, you should note some of the following issues:

1. Choose the right time

If you plan on letting your baby out, try to arrange a suitable travel time. Choose times when your baby is most comfortable, such as after eating or changing a diaper. At these times, babies are usually docile and easy to sleep, so when taking your baby out you will not be too hard.

2. Choose the right clothes for the baby

Before letting your baby out, you need to choose for your baby the costumes suitable for the weather. If the weather is cold outside, wear extra clothes, wear socks, socks and hats for children. When it is sunny and hot outside, let your child wear thin, light-colored clothes and should only be played in the shade. In addition, you should also let your baby wear a hat or a stroller to ensure the baby is protected from the sun.

3. Bring all necessary supplies for the baby

Whether you intend to let your baby out for a short or long time, you should also prepare all the necessary tools such as diapers, clothes, milk … to handle the problems that your baby may encounter when around. out.

4. Start with short trips

For the first outing, you should only give your baby a short time. Once your baby gets used to it, you can extend the time of the trip. On your first outing with you, you can walk to the park near your home or take a walk in the neighborhood.

5. Stay away from crowded areas

In the first months after birth, your baby’s immune system is still weak. Therefore, if you take your baby to crowded places such as shopping centers, discount stores, concerts. They will be susceptible to illness because these places may contain many germs, germs. If you must go to these places, wrap your baby well and try to keep a distance from others.

6. Avoid direct sunlight

Babies have very sensitive skin, if they are exposed to direct sunlight, they are very susceptible to sunburn. Although sunlight is good for your baby, you should still shield your child when going out to avoid the intense sun’s direct sunlight.

7. Avoid contact with sick people

As mentioned above, the baby’s immune system is still weak. If exposed to the sick, the baby will be very susceptible to infection. Therefore, when going out, you carry the baby away from those who are ill.

Also, when taking your baby for routine checkups, make sure you are not in contact with other sick children.

8. Do not let people touch the baby

When people see babies, people often want to touch them because of their soft skin, their fragrance or their lovely “oe oe” sound. However, try not to let other people do it no matter how goodwill they are. Because strangers can carry bacteria and pass it on to their babies.

In addition, you should also carry hand sanitizer in the bag for regular use. Holding the handle of a car door, a church door, a pagoda or many other things can make your hands infected. If you do not touch the toilet well, it is very easy for children to get sick.

Benefits of letting babies out

According to experts, taking babies out regularly can bring the following benefits:

  • Babies can absorb vitamin D from sunlight, which is very beneficial for baby’s bone development.
  • Taking a baby out for a walk can help the mother reduce the risk of postpartum depression . At the same time, this also gives the mother a happy feeling, which in turn makes her more comfortable in looking after her children.

It is not bad to get your newborn out as long as you are well prepared and avoid going to a crowded place. So, do not be afraid to let your children out!